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It is with the heaviest of hearts that The Topcats learned of the passing of their great, great friend, Jay “Shock” Champagne. Jay had been a longtime friend and associate of The Topcats, who affectionately called him Shock. Even though Shock was always busy at Cleary Playground, he would come out and see the band as often as he could and, on many occasions, helped Frank with loading and unloading equipment. He was a beast of a man who could lift equipment like no one but had a gentle heart! He would do anything for you. Most Topcat friends knew Shock, but many didn’t know how he got his nickname. Shock always danced and sang very loudly when he saw the band and, in the beginning, one of the first songs Shock danced to with the band was “Whoomp, There It Is”. He would sing the part “Shocka Locka, Shocka Locka” with great enthusiasm , so the guys started calling him “Shocka Locka”, which over the years got shortened to “Shock”. We love him, and he will be dearly missed!

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