The Topcats 1983 – 2003 DVD

1983-2003 DVD Box

      On April 11th, 2003 The Topcats released their first DVD, entitled “The Topcats 1983 – 2003 DVD”, in honor of their twenty year anniversary! The disc starts with “The Topcats 1983 – 2003 Video History”, a behind the scenes look at The Topcats’ first twenty years together. This piece was written and produced by Pat Campbell and edited and directed by Pat’s brother, Michael Campbell of Soup Factory Digital, one of the premier video production houses in the New Orleans area. Narrated by Jim Hanso of 92.3 FM The Point, the Topcat history features interviews with The Topcats, their fans, and many well known industry people from the New Orleans music and media scene as well as music, pictures, and videos from the past twenty years! “The Topcats 1983 – 2003 Video History” is followed on the disk by seven music videos. “Without A Second Thought”, “Take Me Back”, and “Break Another Heart” were taped in Baton Rouge in 1986 and produced by Michael Campbell. “The Topcats in the Commercials” was also taped at the same video shoot and you would have to see it to believe it! “Foolish Me” and “Busy Signal” were taped and aired on Louisiana Jukebox in 1998, and “Shake Your Bon Bons” was taped live in 2003 at the Orpheus Ball in New Orleans.
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1983-2003 DVD Disc

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Rock'n Bowl 2020
Calling on You
Let's Go Crazy
Jazz Fest 2016
Love Is Alive
Jazz Fest 2016
Space Oditty
Jazz Fest 2016
Jazz Fest 2016
Born To Run
Jazz Fest 2016
Twelve For The Road
WWL-TV 2012
Endymion Superdome
360°Movie 2016
Johnny B Goode
w/ Frank Davis 2003
Topcats 1983-2003
edit of the DVD
Without a Second Thought
Topcat EP 1983
Take Me Back
Topcat EP 1983
Chip Forstall
Commercial in 2006
Think I Would Tell
You The Truth 2003
Shake Your Bon Bon
Orpheus Ball 2002
Get Crunk 2009
Power of Love
Scoot Show 2010
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