Week of Week of 12/1 - 12/3
After last weekend off the Topcats are back to work and ready to head into the Christmas season. We started the weekend at the new Ground Patti in Kenner. Yea we all met there to get a burger before going to work. Noooo. The old Porch and Patio has been beautifully remodeled with a great big outdoor covered area for music and dancing. We were playing not a Christmas party but… a Mardi Gras party? We haven't yet played the first Christmas party and we're on to Mardi Gras already? Yes. It was the Krewe of Centurions Kings Party. We've been honored to be associated with Centurions for many many years. Very nice night. Not a whole lot of dancing. Not even on 'Please Come Home For Christmas'. You know it's going to be a tough dancing night if nobody dances on this classic Christmas song. Saturday night was in the Higgins Hotel which is part of the WW2 Museum. Not an easy move with our Porta-Cat equipment. In through the garbage room, down a hall, up the one elevator that the entire staff is trying to use at the same time, the elevator door won't stay open, up a flight, down a hall and in. The same thing in reverse on the way out. We were playing the Valero Refinery Christmas party. A giant party with plenty of dancing. We played for them last year as well. Thanks for inviting the Topcats back. Sunday after the Saints game we were back at Sidelines on Veterans in Metairie. We had a really great crowd of people there. Mostly dressed in Saints clothes coming out after the game to drink, eat and dance away the reality of the season. We have more Christmas parties in the coming weeks. So here's hoping to see you soon.