Pat's Weekly Diary: 10/10 – 10/14
The week for us actually started on Tuesday as we had a rehearsal… again. I think that’s like… three weeks in a row that we actually practiced. Wouldn’t you think by now we should know what we’re doing? The truth is we were planning for the Wednesday night WTIX gig playing nothing but 60’s songs. If you look at our Songlist page there many songs that we just hardly ever get around to playing. “We better get together and go over some of these.” So Wednesday we played the WTIX Morning Call Concert Series in City Park Under the Oaks at Popp’s Bandstand. (That’s a mouthful) We played two hours of nothing but 60’s music. There was a great crowd of people out there. The weather was beautiful. We were having a grand old time and it certainly looked like the crowd enjoyed as much as we did. Truth is we could have gone on for at least another hour and still have 60’s songs to spare. Such great music. From the pop sounds of ‘pre-Beatles’ 60’s to the late 60’s heavier stuff like the Doors, Santana… we can and did cover it all. I wish I could tell you how much I love that music. But then I guess I’m showing my age. We’d like to thank our old friend Michael Costello for allowing us to be a part of the WTIX Morning Call Concert Series. We’ve known Michael ‘in the Morning’ for… I don’t know how many years now. Actually from way back when he was at WRNO. In fact way back in 1983 as Ponchartrain beach was getting ready to close Michael rewrote the lyrics to the old Freddy Cannon song “Pallisades Park” and we recorded it… “Down at Ponchartrain Beach” along with Michael and myself singing. I think he’ll still play it occasionally on WTIX. I have a copy of it somewhere. If my memory serves me correctly, and I think it does, we were one of the last bands if not the last band to play at Ponchartrain Beach. The Treasure Chest on Friday night was once again packed with people. We sincerely want to thank all of you that showed up. Saturday night we played the Krewe of Iris Coronation Ball in Mardi Gras World. What a gigantic fantastic party with dancing from the beginning of the night ‘til the end. Can you believe we’re playing Mardi Gras functions already and it’s not Halloween yet? Sunday we were at YNOT Dock on the lakefront. There was the Air, Land & Sea Festival going on at the Lakefront Airport and we would be playing right as the show there was ending. Unfortunately for some reason not a whole lot of people were there. It’s my understanding that all along the lakefront on Sunday was just kind slow. You should have come out to WNOT Dock. It was just a gorgeous evening. We’re off now and we will return to work on Wednesday as the Topcats return to the great City of Harahan playing at the Kamp. Hope to see you there… WHO DAT???