Pat's Weekly Diary: 5 /15 – 5/18
A very busy week of work. We began on Wednesday evening actually playing at Southport Hall for a fundraising event for Detective Allan Doubleday. Detective Doubleday is a Jefferson Parish Police Officer who was shot in the line of duty and some fellow officers are trying to help raise some money to support him. It was a very nice evening. Not a whole lot of dancing to start but it got better as the evening got late. Personally speaking it’s an honor to do something to support the police department in any way as my younger brother served for over 35 years on the J.P.P.D. Thursday night was a great night at the Treasure Chest Casino though the last set was a bit slow. Friday night we were in South Kenner (seems like we’ve played in South Kenner quite a lot lately) at the Crossing playing a birthday party for Dominic Impastato. Again not a whole lot of dancing but a splendid time indeed. Saturday was a long day. We had two gigs. We had to meet in Metairie at 2:15. Head to the Riverview Room where we unloaded and set up our Porta-Cat equipment for a wedding later that night. Back in the van and on to Slidell where we were scheduled at the La. Veterans Festival from 4:30 to 6. And of course got there in plenty of time. Enough time to hear a little the Victory Belles performance. We played to a great crowd of people braving pretty strong wind. Six o’clock. No time to hang around to hear Zebra. Back in the van and back to the French Quarter for a 7:30 wedding at the Riverview Room. And of course arrived just in time (The Quarter was PACKED. Getting through the French Quarter took longer than getting to the French Quarter) to make a quick change of clothes in the men’s room (that’s always an adventure) and 7:30 start time. The Riverview Room has done some updating and looks fantastic. The staff as always is second to none. Congratulations to Megan & Joel Kaufman. Thanks for including the Topcats in your special party. Check the Calendar Page. We’ll be back in South Kenner again on Friday for Music in the Park Concert Series. Sunday come check out Lazy Jack. We’re hoping to see you there.