Pat's Weekly Diary: 12/6 – 12/8
We played only two gigs this past week. Thursday evening we played at Fulton Alley for GNOHLA Hospitality Holiday Party. Not a whole lot of dancing to begin with but as the evening wore on a few people got up to move around. Just in time for… “Sorry. That’s it. They’re shutting us down. Merry Christmas everybody.” We had Friday night off. Saturday night we played a wedding at the Arbor Room at Popp Fountain in City Park. As you well know the weather on Saturday was quite nasty. But the brave couple, Brooke & Dillon Smith, planned and were determined to have their wedding outside by Popp Fountain. So they did. Despite the weather. Popp Fountain has got to be one of the most beautiful setting for a wedding. The reception was a fantastic affair. Check the picture of the unique grooms cake. It was donuts. Donuts!!! Now there’s a couple that know me. They must be reading my mail. Congratulations to them. We’re off now and will return to work on Friday at Rock n Bowl. Don’t forget next Sunday we’ll be in Kenner City Park for Kenner Christmas Village. We’ve been practicing real hard to relearn some of the Christmas songs we’ve done over the years. Hope to see you there. Saints are back at #1. Who Dat.