Pat's Weekly Diary: 8/13 -8/14
We actually started the week on Wednesday as we got together by ourselves to work over some Elvis songs. Some we've played before - some we haven't. Some we play with some regularity - some we haven't played since we played with Big E. We were off on Friday night. We got together again on Saturday afternoon with Ron to go over the Elvis show. Just a quick run-through as we had to get over to the north shore. So we had a great night on Saturday at the Tap Room in Covington . A really fantastic crowd. It seems it's been some time since we were last there. Thanks to our north shore friends for showing up. Sunday was the 'Ron Adams - In The Shadow of the King' Elvis show at Rock n Bowl. I thought we would have a good crowd of people but I don't think we expected the turnout that it was. Judging from the crowd Elvis is indeed back. Ron does a fantastic job as Elvis with all the songs and accoutrements at his disposal. All the things you would expect at an Elvis show. We did all the rehearsed songs. And out of the clear blue sky Ron picked out a couple unrehearsed songs… "hey I want to sing "I Can't Stop Lovin' You" can ya'll do it?" I'm like, "Hey what do ya think, we're rookies? You've got close to 200 years of bar band experience behind you. What key and how fast?" And away we'd go flying by the seat of our pants. It was a really a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We need to thank Wendy Siegel (you guys know Wendy she's been a part of the New Orleans music scene for a long time with Crescent City Soul, Dr. Rock) for coming out to help us along with the high harmony parts. She did a great job as well and did it with no rehearsal. Not an easy thing to do. It such an honor for us to have been involved in shows honoring the Beatles and Elvis within the last month. Such all time classic classic artists. Great music. Maybe… if not the two most influential artists of the Rock n Roll Era, they are both certainly in the top of the conversation. (Personally I'd put Bob Dylan way up there as well) We will be off next weekend (gotta hate August) and will return to Rock n Bowl (gotta love John Blancher) on Friday 8/26. Hope to see you there.