Pat's Weekly Diary: 1/21 - 1/22
We played two weddings over the weekend. Friday night was at Chateau Estates Country Club. Apparently there was some confusion as to what time we were actually were supposed to start as the guest were arriving just about the same time as we were. We usually get to the gig an hour before start time. That gives us more than enough time to set up. We were scheduled to play at 9 o'clock so we arrived at 8. So we set up extra fast and started right about 8:40. A great big affair… great party. Congratulations to Kelsey & Justin Clark. Saturday was right back at the Jaxson in the Jax Brewery. The ceremony was to be there at 5. Topcats at 5:30. So we were there and set up way ahead of time… waiting. The father of the groom, Wayne Barber, is an old friend of the Topcats. So there was quite a few friends there that we knew. This also was a great party with plenty of dancing. Thanks to Brad & Kerry Barber for including the Topcats. And that's it. A nice weekend of work. Happy to have it. And looking forward to seeing you at Rock n Bowl on Friday.