Week of 7/4
We trust all of you guys had a safe and happy 4th of July. We spent the day in the heat. We are really thankful however to have work. We were at the Blue Crab on the lakefront from noon to 4. We played this gig last year as well. And it was packed just like last year. A bit warm. Fortunately we were in the shade. A whole lot of line dancing. We finished up there and hurried out to Chalmette where we were playing St. Bernard's Salute to America. Actually playing in the parking lot behind the Civic Center. (Reminded me of the last time we played in the parking lot behind the Civic Center was for the Islenos Festival right after Katrina. It was a little spooky down there that day.) Not a whole lot of people there upon our arrival. But as the sun descended the parking lot got packed. We were scheduled to start there at 7 o'clock and played right through to the huge fireworks show at about 9:15. Then finished it up at 10. I just wanted to mention as well that on the 4th of July we're reminded of our old friend Ted Modica who passed away a couple of months ago. Ted had his 4th of July party at his home in Slidell for years. It got to be so big that he had to move it down the street to the Dock. Here's thinking about you old pal. We'll be at Rock n Bowl next Friday, July 12. We're certainly thankful for a wonderful day of work. As always thank you for your continued support these many years.