Pat's Weekly Diary: 9/13 – 9/16
We had a very busy week thank you very much. It started on Thursday when we were at Chateau Estates Country Club for the 1st Annual Taps & Apps: Local Beer & Food Truck Festival. We played outside from 6:30 to 9:30 where it was quite hot. Not a whole lot of dancing. It’s my understanding that the proceeds from this event were going to Angels Place which we have been privileged to be associated with over the years. Friday night we played at Rock n Bowl. Though it wasn’t as crowded as our record breaking anniversary show a couple of months ago… it was a fantastic crowd. Thanks to our friends from WWL Channel 4 for partying with us. Saturday was in Covington at the Columbia St. Tap Room. It was packed. I don’t think you could have fit another person in there. It was surprising because it was not a block party night. Just a regular Saturday night. I guess people were out celebrating the Tigers big win. Sunday after the Saints game we were at YNOT Dock from 4-7. Now… normally when we are Porta-Cating equipment (moving the small set of equipment ourselves… which we have done a lot of lately) we try to get to the gig an hour ahead of time which gives us plenty of time in case something goes wrong. Sunday we tried to push it back 15 minutes all agreeing to meet at YNOT Dock at 3:15. Figuring we would all be able to catch the end of the Saints game. So I’m home Sunday afternoon sweating through the end of the game and just as the Saints are kicking a field goal to win… David calls, “Where are you?” Me, “I’m home watching the football game.” David, “The van won’t start. Get here as quick as you can. We have to unload the van into our personal vehicles and go.” It’s 2:52 when he called. The van stays by David’s house. Robert and me live fairly close. So I get to hear the end of the game on the radio (God bless Cleveland’s kicker.) The three of us make a mad dash to move the equipment, drive like mad men and get to YNOT Dock where Buzzy is waiting and being the finely tuned well-oiled machine that we are… we started right on time… 4 o’clock. It was hot but a very nice crowd of people came out to celebrate… A win is a win. We finished at 7. Another mad dash to load up and we headed straight from there back to Rock n Bowl for the 5th Annual Rockin for Richie Parkinson’s Fundraiser. Dr. Rock was onstage when we arrived. Band Camp and Roux the Day had played earlier. Vince Vance sang a couple of songs with us. We played mostly Beatle songs as it was the anniversary of the Beatles playing City Park in September, 1964. A lot of Beatle gigs lately. Well… ok. You know… they wrote some… pretty good songs. In case you haven’t heard we will be playing Gretna Fest (along with Chuck Credo & Jim Lockwood) on Sunday, Sept. 30 playing only Beatle songs. We want to thank Wendy from Dr. Rock & Crescent City Soul for inviting us to participate in the Parkinson’s Fundraiser. (It seems Parkinson’s has affected a couple of my favorite artist’s recently… Neil Diamond and Linda Ronstadt. Seriously it absolutely breaks my heart that she can’t sing any longer.) Needless to say we’re exhausted. Not used to this much work anymore but thrilled to have it. Thank you for the opportunity. We’re off now until Friday at which time the Fall Fair Season begins with the Topcats opening the St. Angela Merici Catfish Festival in Metairie. Hope to see you there.