Pat's Weekly Diary: 5/15
We played a wedding on Saturday night at the Alexander room in Metairie. What a fantastic huge party it turned out to be. Now, when we play weddings we’ll let the couple pick out the songs on our list that they would like to hear. Some pick just a few. Some will write a whole set list for us. It varies. “Don’t play this… play that”. Or “Don’t play any line dances” or “Play whatever you think is best”. At this wedding the list was quit extensive. And it was all oldies… 50’s - 60’s - 70’s. But toward the end of the night we were being told to play oldies like ‘Back Dat Ass Up’ & Whoop (There It Is)’ Are those really oldies? I don’t know. They’re about 20 years old. Does that make them oldies? How old does a song have to be in order for it to be an oldie? Good question. Any way we played more ‘oldies’ and ended up putting in extra half hour of overtime. Great night it was. Congratulations to Rachel & Trevor Smith. Thanks for including the Topcats in the party.