Pat's Weekly Diary: 9/23 - 9/24
It's been two years since we last played St. Angela Merici Catfish Festival because of Covid. The Catfish Festival for many years was always the first festival of the Fall Season. And it was always a great crowd of people. After two years away though we weren’t prepared for the crowd that showed up on Friday night. It's our understanding that all of the previous attendance records were broken. The fairgrounds was just packed. It was great to see some friends we haven't seen in a couple of years as they just don't go out to bars or just don't get out as much as they once did. We are so happy to have been a part of such a great night. Saturday we played a wedding at Mardi Gras World. We met in Metairie to all go down together venturing into the jungle that is downtown New Orleans . We left a little early (broad daylight) just in case we were to get car jacked on the way there we would still maybe have some time to make it to the gig. Of course we got there with time to spare. We held hands and stuck together. (All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten) The wedding started out a bit calm but as usual… once that second set rolls around and the alcohol kicks in... turned out to be quite the party. Congratulations to Rachel & Joey Yarbrough. Thanks for inviting the Topcats to your special day. We managed to make it through the flashing lights and the sirens and out of the city safely. Actually the downtown area looked quite empty for a Saturday night. It was only about 9:30 . Back to Metairie and home safely. Truth is I never went to kindergarten but I do know that late at night after a gig… warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.