Pat's Weekly Diary: 3/23
We hope all of you guys are doing ok. We’re all fine. Hunkered down. Waiting. Bored. We had considered doing one of those streaming ‘Facebook Live’ things that are all of a sudden all over Facebook. I guess it was Tuesday of this past week that we started to plan. We were going to go set up at Shenanigans and get a film crew and go play live… take some requests. But the more we planned the more people got added to our plan and we got over the 10 people limit and there is not enough room on the Shenanigans stage to stay 6 feet apart from each other and… on Thursday we just kinda decided maybe this isn’t the safest thing to do. So we put it off. We might still do it. It’s just that right now there is nothing carved in stone. So we wait… bored. Please keep in mind that our thoughts and prayers are with you. And we’re hoping to see you sooner rather than later.