Pat's Weekly Diary: 5/18 - 5/19
Friday night we were in Ponchatoula at La Carreta celebrating their 5 year anniversary. Actually we were outside La Carreta in the street right there in downtown Ponchatoula with the Highway 51 railroad tracks right at our backs. We were scheduled to play from 6 to 9 but the rain delayed our equipment being set up. So we ended up starting a little late and then playing one long set. There was a slight drizzle for a little while as we played but for the most part it was a fantastic evening. A great crowd of people. Dancing in the street… "Calling out around the world are you ready for a brand new beat"… (One of my all time favorite songs.) We certainly want to thank the folks at LaCarreta for inviting the Topcats to be a part of their celebration. Now let me get this off of my chest… while we were playing… I guess about an hour or so into the set… the street is filled with people… little kids are running around… the Highway 51 train tracks are maybe 20 yards behind us. And I'm telling you a train came barreling through there. It had to be going… I don't know how fast it was going but it was f'ing going too fast. Too fast to be coming through a crowd of people like that. I could feel the wind from the train on my back. This happened once before years ago we played in Hammond for some function or another and a train came rushing through. Some one is going to get killed. I would hope that the Tangipahoa Parish officials could possibly make some kind of rule or law or something that says when a public function is going on so close to the tracks… TRAINS MUST SLOW DA F*** DOWN. Whew I feel better now. Saturday we were in Slidell at Heritage Park for the Louisiana Veterans Fest. We've played this festival for the past few years and we thank our pal Ted Modica for the help. Ted used to work with TQ & the Topcats. Once a Topcat always a Topcat. There was a decent crowd of people out during the middle of the hot day for us. 90 Degrees West (featuring Buzzy's son Will on bass guitar) were playing after us. And then Zebra was closing the show. You know now that I'm thinking about it… we're talking a lot lately about our 35 year anniversary. Same four guys. How long has Zebra been together? Well… I googled (You never have to say "I wonder" anymore) and according to the Zebra website same three guys since 1975!!! Christ!!! Anyway we finished there… 3:30 to 5. Not a whole lot of time to visit as we had to be at the Hampton Inn by the Convention Center by 7 to set up in for an 8 o'clock wedding. Again… changing out of sweaty clothes into tuxedos in a men's bathroom. Déjà vu. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Ken Sehon. They must have read these diaries at some point. I've said it many times. If the bride stays on the dance floor after the special dances… the party will come to her. And it did. Thank you very much. We're off now and hope to see you next weekend in Covington for our return to the Columbia St. Tap Room. Or in Marrero at Boomtown. Or both.