Pat's Weekly Diary: 6/9 - 6/12
Turns out we had one of those last minute pop-up gigs on Wednesday night. Apparently another band (don't know who) had to cancel for their Wednesday night gig at the Kamp in Harahan. We got the call on Monday evening, "Yea, you were just here last week but can you guys come play again?" "Sure we can. Robert is actually out of town for a few days but we can call Darrin Triay to play." So we did... call Darrin (drums with the Molly Ringwalds and also Dr. Rock) Darrin brought Wendy Siegel (sings with Crescent City Soul and Dr. Rock) and Wendy brought Chelle Mac (not really sure who Chelle sings with but she has been singing around New Orleans for some time and does sing really well) and we had a fine time playing and singing. For some reason we were inside (thank God) where it was nice and cool. Saturday night we played a wedding at Maison Lafitte in Mandeville. Outside... it was like an oven. Not a whole lot of dancing to begin with but... as the night got later and the alcohol kicked in the second set turned into quite the party. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Chase Pellegrin. Thanks for including the Topcats. We're off now. Hoping we'll see you soon.