The Topcats EP

       Recorded in 1986, “The Topcats EP” was the band’s first original project. This recording consisted of four songs, “Break Another Heart”, “Without a Second Thought”, “Calling On You”, and “Take Me Back”. The entire EP was produced by The Topcats and was recorded at Studio Solo in Slidell, La., engineered by David Farrell, with graphic design by Charles Daigle. There were two different releases of this recording, hence the two different cover designs. The first release’s art work depicted five Topcat members. The fifth member shown in the first picture is Sal Candilora. He sang with the band for a number of years, but because of personal reasons, Sal did not perform on this recording. The band thought it was important to include him in the picture, since he was a vital part of the band at that time. Shortly after “The Topcats EP” release, Sal left the band, and they re-released the EP with the different art work shown in the second picture. The original release is somewhat of a collector’s item. If you have one, hold on to it! One can never tell what it may be worth in the future! Please check out “Calling On You” and “Take Me Back” in the player below!