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Pat’s Weekly Diary

Pat’s Weekly Diary – Week of 2/11

      We played only one gig this week. One. Actually we only played two hours. We played at the Ponchartrain Center in Kenner for the Krewe of Thoth. We shared the stage as we have for the past few years with the Wiseguys. (Damn that bass player in that band is very talented… and good looking too). The Wiseguys sounded fantastic. I’m not sure who was playing in the other room. I didn’t have time to get over there to check it out. I know The Mixed Nuts were one of the bands playing cause Chuck Credo came over to sing a song with us. As always the Krewe of Thoth party is a great big fantastic affair. Now getting back to the two hours… most of the time when we play these Mardi Gras gigs with a bunch of other bands the bands will alternate sets. But this year Thoth wanted to try something different. So the Wiseguys played first, 10 – 12. We came on at midnight and played ’til two. It reminded me of… years ago we used to play in West Baton Rouge. As everything closes at 1 or 2 in Baton Rouge (I’m not really sure but it does close down early. Or at least it used to) all of those people still wanted to go out so they’d cross the river to West Baton Rouge where bands wouldn’t start until midnight. Same thing in Jackson, Miss. Actually it was just outside of Jackson. We used to play a place called the Dock. But wouldn’t start until midnight. And that was it… extremely short and sweet. We’re headed back to Monroe and then to Mobile next week. We’re “On the Road Again”.

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