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Pat’s Weekly Diary

Pat’s Weekly Diary – Week of 5/18 – 5/21

      We began our weekend of work on Thursday night playing to a great crowd of people at the Treasure Chest in Kenner. Friday night was in Slidell was at Speckled T’s where we also played to a very nice crowd. Neither was packed but we have certainly played to smaller crowds of people over the course of our history. Saturday night we played a wedding in the Jaxson in the Jax Brewery. I t was our first time there. I’m assuming it’s fairly new because they were really concerned about us touching the walls with equipment. And rolling our equipment across the new floors. And volume. Don’t turn up too loud. I gotta say though the Jaxson is beautiful. It’s a pretty easy move in and out with the equipment. They supply P.A. and lights so we were even faster than our normal move in and out time. And the reception was fantastic. We want to congratulate and thank Mr. & Mrs. Chance Wahl for allowing the Topcats to be a part of the special evening. We’re off now and have more weddings next weekend. So check our calendar page. We hope to see you soon.

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