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Pat’s Weekly Diary

Pat’s Weekly Diary: Week of 8/12

      We played only one gig this past week. We were at Shenanigans on Saturday night. As you probably know Shenanigans is in the same location as the Bengal. And as you probably know the Topcats have a long history with that location. There was a fantastic crowd of people. It’s great to have a new club to play in Metairie. It seems like it’s been a while. We want to thank you all for coming out. We’re off now. I’ve said it many times… August has always been the slowest month of the year and it’s only gotten worse since Katrina. So we take time off in August and this is the week. We’ll retire to our separate corners and come out swinging on the 25th at Speckeled T’s. We hope to see you there. And in the immortal words of that great philosopher Elmer Fudd, “Ahhh, at wong wast west and wewaxation.”

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