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Pat’s Weekly Diary

Pat’s Weekly Diary: Week of 1/12 – 1/13

We played a fantastic weekend of gigs. Friday night we were in Baton Rouge at L’Auberge Casino. Though the night looked like it was going to be a little slow at first it certainly helped that the Bag of Donuts were playing in the main room upstairs and as they finished their show a lot of their audience came down to the Edge Bar with them. Of course they played a couple of songs with us… actually just David. Buzzy, Robert and I just kinda stood to the side. But the Edge certainly was PACKED for the remainder of the night. Saturday night we were on the north shore in Covington at the Columbia Street Rock-n- Blues Café for our first time there. And what a tremendous night it turned out to be. We certainly want to thank all of you that came out on such a cold weekend. As for the Saints… certainly could not have predicted such a great season at the beginning of the season It is quite disappointing though isn’t it? 10 seconds… and a basic rule of football… TACKLE THE MAN WITH THE BALL. Coulda woulda shoulda… won that game. Looking at the glass half full though… at least it wasn’t the Falcons.

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