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Pat’s Weekly Diary

Pat’s Weekly Diary: Week of 12/7 – 12/9

Thursday night we played at the Treasure Chest Casino in Kenner. As you well know the Saints were playing on Thursday night. That’s quite a lot of competition. Also the weather was pretty nasty on Thursday night which kinda scares people I guess. All of which means there was hardly anybody there. Seriously… when we started at 7 o’clock there might have been… I don’t know… 15 people there. And most of those were people we know… very well… like family. I mean even the regular line dancers that are at the Treasure Chest… ALL THE TIME… weren’t there And as the night went on it never really got any better. You know a handful of people would come and go but not too many people came to stay. And as for the Saints… ahhh… you know how the game went. (You know with all the penalties and injuries and scoring back and forth what it came down to is… Drew Brees should not have thrown that pass. He should know better. And that’s my football analysis for the week. Buddy D ain’t got nothin’ on me.) We’ll get dem dirty birds next time. We managed to play right through it though. We want to thank… seriously… our last set… Robert’s wife Denise and her parents Ronnie & Patti Toups. Tom & Donna O’Connor… long time Topcat friends. Patty Abare & Carla Scarkino… really really extra long time Topcat friends. Bobby Bradbury… another long time Topcat friend. (I apologize if I misspelled any of those names) And the four or five other people (I’m not sure of their names) that stayed with us until the end. It would have been awfully strange without ya’ll. We were off on Friday night. Then Saturday had two gigs. We played at Generations Hall for the Running of the Santas post party. Quite the crowd of people in various Christmas themed costumes. We played a one hour set from around 6:15 to 7:15. As Flow Tribe was just coming on to play we were out the door as we had 45 minutes to get to the Roosevelt Hotel for Shell Norco Manufacturing 2017 Christmas Party. The distance to there wasn’t a problem it was the traffic. So as we’re driving towards the Roosevelt… slowly… stuck in traffic, Wayne Pruderer from our crew is walking towards us. We make the switch (we start walking… Wayne goes to park the van) and we managed to start right on time. How ’bout that? What d’ya think… d’ya we’re a bunch of rookies? We’ve been at this a very long time. And the party was a huge fantastic affair. Thank you very much. We’re off now and will return to work on Thursday for more Christmas parties next weekend. You gotta love this time of year. Merry Christmas everybody.

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