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Pat’s Weekly Diary

Pat’s Weekly Diary: 3/16 – 3/18

We trust you guys all had a safe and Happy St. Patricks Day. We had a busy weekend of work. Friday night was the Louisiana Irish Italian Dinner Dance at Chateau Estates Country Club. We’ve been doing this gig for several years now. It’s generally someone we know that is the Irish or the Italian Grand Marshall. A few years ago it was Robert (Schulte… a good Irish boy) that was one of the Grand Marshalls. This year our pal Mike Nichol and old buddy Scott Korndorffer are Grand Marshalls. Some of you guys might remember Scott from way back in the early part of the 90’s when we used to play Risky Business on the I-10 service road. Scott was the owner. He owned the Bengal for a while as well. Anyway it was as always a fantastic gig. We’re so honored to be a part of this for so many years. Saturday night was St. Patrick’s Day Party at Rock n Bowl. Packed. We played one long set… close to three hours. John Blancher, the owner of Rock n Bowl, for the first time in a long time came up to sing “Secret Agent Man”. Danced around without a shirt. Felt like old times. Remember the old Rock n Bowl? Sunday was the post Irish Italian Parade concert in the parking lot at Step Brothers (another old stomping ground… owned by Scott.) We played along with Paris Ave. It was just a great evening. It never did rain on us. (Weatherman don’t give a shit, he just wants to get off work) The Grand Marshall’s, Scott and Mike, spent as much time on stage as we did. Turned out to be a great gig. A lot of fun. Just a short note about Tom Benson. Several years ago we played for the wedding reception of Mickey Loomis’ son. Of course Mickey was there as well as Tom & Gayle Benson. I can tell you this… Mr. & Mrs. Benson were the first ones to get up and dance. “Benson Boogie”. About a year later we played Champion Square before one of the Saints games and Mr. Benson was onstage with us. There is a picture somewhere. I’ve searched and searched but can’t find it. The couple of times we had the opportunity to interact with him he was very gracious. We’re off now and hope to see you on Friday on the west bank at Boomtown.

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