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      One of the most important ingredients for success in any party band is the ability to entertain. This aspect of The Topcats is easily handled by Rob Schulte. Whether behind the drums or “out front”, entertaining comes natural to him. After all, his father, God rest his soul, was a professional clown! Rob’s antics and the ability to “shake his bootie” give every night’s performance a boost that is important to the success of The Topcats.

Bacchus Bash 2Bacchus Bash 1

      Public performances have always been an important part of The Topcats’ success. Without the public performances, there would be no private functions, so the band maintains a steady schedule of festivals, fairs, concerts, and night clubs in order to stay in the public eye for continued success! The band has been known to travel from Texas to North Carolina but now try to stay as close as possible to the New Orleans area. The Topcats enjoy a certain notoriety throughout Louisiana and Mississippi, so they don’t have to travel as they once did, which is easier on the band members and their families. Check out the photos and songs below!

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