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Frank1      Frank’s first endeavor in the musical field was in high school. He played drums in the school band. After high school, Frank got a job with a local furniture store where he learned the art of lifting large things. He was a big kid so lifting heavy things was no problem.
      Frank’s first professional experience was with the band that Rob Schulte was with at the time called “Roulette”. Frank humped equipment while learning the ins and outs of professional audio and lighting gear, and after eight months he moved on to running the band’s light show. In 1982, Roulette disbanded, but Frank had left some months before in order to get a college education.
      Frank was aware of The Topcats at this time, seeing the band perform at the local night clubs, and in 1983 he was offered a job running the Topcat light show and moving equipment. Frank accepted the job agreeing only to two weeks while the band looked for someone else. Two weeks came and went, and Frank remained with the band. At this time the band carried huge amounts of equipment and stage props, so Frank was part of a four man road crew.
      In the spring of 1989, after a falling out with other road crew members, Frank moved to Florida for a year working with a major lighting company. Frank came back to The Topcats in the fall of 1990, this time with no complications. He worked on a three man crew running lights and moving equipment.
      In January of 1992, Frank shifted to the job he still holds today. The band’s previous sound man and other road crew member left, and Frank decided he could do it all! That’s when his most important job description began, that of a sound man. The band had cut back considerably on the amount of equipment they were hauling around, so it was feasible for one man to handle it alone. Frank also had to deal with his previous job descriptions, that of a light man and truck driver. Occasionally, he needs help on really long moves, such as downtown hotels where the equipment has to be hauled hundreds of feet. The band will hire help for Frank at these times. Wayne Puderer has been helping Frank for many years.
      On a typical Topcat gig you will see Frank and Wayne drive the truck, unload and setup the equipment, do sound and lights during the show, pack up the equipment, load it back into the truck, drive to the next gig, and do it all over again!! He does this on an average of three to four times a week! He doesn’t get much time for his other interests such as fishing and riding his Harley, but Frank is a one of a kind road crew that The Topcats really appreciate! It’s easy to see why he is a one man super crew!!!

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